Welcome in the section dedicated to international visitors and volunteers. Let us briefly introduce ourselves...

About us:
Dům dětí a mládeže Vratimov (DDM) is an educational centre offering around 100 educational and leisure time activities.
We mainly focus on children from 1 to 18 years of age, but also offer activities to other age groups. We are a governmental educational institution and are co-financed from public funds. We offer regular courses that children attend from September to June, for example creative and crafting courses, sports (e.g. dancing, twirling, badminton, taekwondo), environmental and science clubs (e.g. robotics), media and pc courses (e.g. Minecraft workshops), digital photography, baby club and many more. On top of that we also organize various community events, weekend stays and summer camps for children and youngsters.

Our targets are:
-              to offer quality, meaningful after-school activities using non-formal education methods to children
-              to offer development and leisure time activities for adults and senior citizens
-              to be a centre of community life where all generations meet


DDM is open every working day (except for bank holidays) from 9 a.m. The closing times differ depending on the activities. At weekends there may be thematic days, project days, workshops and weekend stays for children so the opening hours are very flexible.
During July and August DDM is officially closed for regular activities, but we organize summer camps in as well as out of the youth centre so there is a lot to do as well. Especially administrative work, preparing program and equipment for the camps and getting ready for a new school-year.
The youth centre is located in a large modern villa. There is also a garden with a playground and multifunctional (soccer, tennis …) court. The villa is well equipped and full of stuff we need for our work and to make our clients feel good and welcome. High-speed internet connection is a must as we have a multimedia room and use ICT in many courses. We also have a ball room / ballet studio, kitchen, workshops and so on.
We provide our courses and activities also at other locations, for example local gyms, but also in the neighbouring towns and villages.
Our youth centre is located in Vratimov (Czech Republic), just 10 kilometres from the third largest Czech city of Ostrava. The town of Vratimov (7 thousands inhabitants) offers all the comfort a small town can offer including supermarkets and shops, health services, library, cinema, outdoor swimming pool, tennis courses and work-out facilities, sauna, bicycle trails, basically all the facilities you need to live a comfy life. And if this is not enough, Ostrava with its numerous theatres, clubs, pubs and shopping malls is at a stone´s throw.

DDM actively participates in international projects and activities including Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. It has obtained the Quality Label and is therefore accredited as a sending and coordinating organisation for volunteers.
Contact person for volunteering activities:
Lenka Havrdová, l.havrdova@svcvratimov.cz, phone number: +420 739 201 078
Contact details:
Středisko volného času Vratimov, příspěvková organizace
Frýdecká 377/61
739 32 Vratimov
Czech Republic
Reg. nr. IČ: 75086778
Tel.: 596 732 333, 596 733 990
E-mail: info@svcvratimov.cz


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